Vilm Rendezvous, June 29, 2002


The last bi-annual Vilm rendezvous took place in Lauterbach on the Island of Rügen, Germany on June 28 - June 30, 2002. This page shows some of the photos taken during the "round Vilm" regatta on June 29th. Winds were around 30 knots, with higher gusts later in the afternoon. Ten of the 21 Vilms which came to the rendezvous, participated in the regatta. 


The Vilms get ready for the regatta in the Lauterbach harbor. 

Note the German coast guard rescue boat in the lower right corner, which was standing by during the regatta due to the high winds.




Two generations of Vilms on their way to the starting line.


A 34 foot Vilm 101 on her way out of the protected harbor.


A magnificent full-keel Vilm under sail.


A 25 year old 40 foot Vilm with her namesake Island in the background.


The newer fin-keel Vilm 116 in the background is just passing her older full-keel cousin.


An early Vilm 116 tacking towards the island of Vilm. 


Another Vilm 116 working to windward in gale force winds.


Vilm 116 Hull Number 5 is sailing at 7 to 7.5 knots, comfortably with little heel.  



Three Vilm 116s trading tacks in sustained 30 knot winds.


Towards the end of the race, the winds were highest, an excellent ride home was in store for all.


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