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Bootsbau Rűgen, the builder of the “Vilm” Cruising yachts, has roots reaching far back into the 19th century. 

Tradition has not hindered the company from experimenting with modern boat building materials, however. They were present among the pioneers who wrought forth fiberglass as a common hull construction medium. Today, they are known for offering Europe’s best-built cruising yachts based on German Lloyd’ specifications, the most stringent boat building standards in the world!

Every detail of these fine yachts shows the builders’ many years of sailing experience. The cockpit is deep and offers unequalled, comfortable seating with very high backrests. The fiberglass dog house offers protection from the elements.

Safety and comfort were the main objectives in the design of the Vilm yachts. One has only to look how the stanchions are fastened to the hull, how bow and stern pulpit are designed or check the stainless steel bow fitting, the extra strong cleats, or the rig, and last but not least, the beautiful hand-crafted mahogany interior, to recognize the quality details that set the Vilm so far apart of any other yacht in this size range.

The Vilm yachts are a perfect combination of superbly built and low-maintenance fiberglass on the outside and beautiful handcrafted mahogany inside.

All Vilm hulls and decks are laid up with isophtalic-acid resin and gelcoat. This special resin is considerably more expensive than ordinary boat building resins (and therefore rarely used); however, it absorbs very little moisture. Combined with a special method of exclusively hand-laying selected glass roving, matting and bi-axial glass provides a far stronger and extremely durable hull and deck. Common problems, such as blistering, delaminating and cracking are un-heard of in Vilm yachts.

Vilms are available for inspection in North Carolina and in California. Our Vilm owners would love to share their thoughts and experiences with prospective buyers, and we are proud to be able to provide their contact information. 


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